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 Lea Fuchs` career path as an artist was not exactly preordained. After finishing her high-school education, she has graduated at the University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna. Before she decided to focus on her talent and study painting, she spent several years in different countries in Central & Eastern Europe working in various management positions. Oscillating between the words of expression and business reality Lea Fuchs has graduated painting at the National University of arts in Bucharest, Romania. Currently she works and lives in Vienna.

Lea Fuchs is a contemporary artist, in the literal sense of the word. Her art is focused on and inspired by the things she sees and feels every day. The main topics in her oeuvre are the interior, the still life and the human body, specifically manifested by the female body. The content of the figurative works is sensual and has a deep feminist predetermination and concept. It is the position of the woman, that Lea Fuchs is most concerned with, rather than direct depictions of persons. 

As an artist Lea Fuchs first attracts attention with high-contrast colorful paintings that have strong reference to classical composition and European Modernism. The leading axiom in her representations, even she is approaching difficult themes, is the esthetical impact. Beauty has to be always a part of her art.


Master of Arts, Faculty of fine arts - Creative strategies in painting,
National University of arts in Bucharest, Romania

Bachelor of Fine Arts, National University of arts in Bucharest, Romania


"Women in society" - Group exhibition, United nations VIC Art Club, Vienna, Austria - 2015

"Frozen in time" - Personal exhibition, Artamontzev Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria - 2015

"Fereastra" - Personal exhibition, Merikon Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria - 2014

 "I colori della vita" - Group exposition, Torino, Italy - 2013

WITHin, WITHus” - Group exposition , Bucharest, Romania - 2012

UNARTE `011 - Group exposition, Iasi, Romania - 2011

The story of Project 20” - Group exposition Bucharest, Romania - 2010

Eveniment 20” - Happening art, Piata Universitatii in Bucharest, Romania - 2009

Interioare” - Personal exposition, Bucharest, Romania - 2008

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