Technique: Acrylic, Oil paint and spray on canvas
Dimentions: Vary between 75cm x 75m and 120cm x 180 cm

To make oneself an object, to make oneself passive, is a very different thing,

then being an passive object!  (Simone de Beauvoir)

The philosophical background of  "Beauty and beast" is published on this webpage under Home.


    B&B Blues_100X100_acryl.jpg B&B Cage_100X100_acryl.jpg B&B Closed_120X80_acryl.jpg B&B Cubist_140X70_acryl.jpg B&B Deep dive_100X100_acryl.jpg B&B Divided fan left_70X70_mixed.jpg B&B Divided fan right_70X70_mixed.jpg B&B Divided kiss_70X70_mixed.jpg B&B Divided pop_70X70_mixed.jpg B&B Divided smoke_70X70_mixed.jpg B&B Divided wall_70X70_mixed.jpg B&B Floating_120x180_acryl.jpg B&B Flow_120x180_acryl.jpg B&B Gambling_100X100_acryl.jpg B&B Hiding_140X70_acryl.jpg B&B Meditate_100X100_acryl.jpg B&B Melancholia_120X100_acryl.jpg B&B Orions_100X100_acryl.jpg B&B Pray_100X100_acryl.jpg B&B Rest_100X100_acryl.jpg B&B Reveal_120x180_acryl.jpg B&B Think_100X100_acryl.jpg B&B Tiger sign_80X120_oil.jpg B&B Withdrawn_100X100_acryl.jpg

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